More About Ruby and Grub

How it started

'Ruby and Grub' started out as a story called 'Being Bea' about a mischievous little girl. But she was a bit too naughty and my publisher suggested that she needed to be more likeable. So I made Ruby sweet and loveable and gave her a mischievous dog (but adorable) dog instead. A lot of the things in 'Ruby and Grub' have happened at some point - our old dog Rosie dug her way out of our garden and through half the neighbours' gardens before she was discovered! She, like Grub, was very mucky, and, most of all, she loved to dig. When Baggins, our springer spaniel, was a pup, we took him back to the owner because Rosie didn't like him. We missed him so much that a day later we went and fetched him! This real situation was the inspiration for Grub going to live with Uncle Tom. By the way, Rosie and Baggins ended up being the best of friends.

Who is it for?

'Ruby and Grub' is for 2-6 year olds... but my daughter is 8yrs old and loves it... but then, she is my daughter so may be just a little biased!

What is it about?

'Ruby and Grub' is about a very sweet little girl, Ruby, and her dog, Grub. Ruby adores Grub and his funny ways, and Grub adores Ruby. However, Grub proves to be a bit of a handful at times and creates all sorts of trouble and a lot of mess! One day he escapes and Ruby's mum decides she has had enough. "Grub", she says. "You will have to GO!" So Grub goes to stay with Ruby's Uncle Tom. But the house just isn't the same without Grub. Ruby misses him, little Joe misses him, and even Mum misses him. So off they go to Uncle Tom's in search of their messy, mischievous, but loveable, hound. You'll be pleased to know the story has a lovely, happy ending, as all good stories should!

Double page spread of Ruby and Grub

Other important stuff

'Ruby and Grub' was published by Piccadilly Press in February 2010. Co-editions have been published in Australia by Koala Books and The Netherlands by De Vries Brouwers, as 'Robbin en Robbie'.

The illustrator responsible for all those gorgeous pictures of Ruby and Grub and sunflowers and things, is Sarah Warburton.


Spring Highlight: Review from The Bookseller
'Family and belonging are at the heart of this amusing tale of Grub, a very mucky pup, who becomes too much trouble and is sent away. However, before long his grubby charms are missed, and he is accepted back into the family just the way he is.'

Review from Story Time Books
'Ruby and Grub... is a welcome addition to the small list of books about dogs and girls. A wonderful mucky dog story with illustrations which enhance the text.'

Review by Jane Howarth, Birmingham Post
'Youngsters with pesky pets will be able to empathise a great deal with Ruby and Grub. Grub is mucky, naughty and makes a mess everywhere he goes. But in this touching and warm tale, we see that love conquers all. It is a subtle lesson in what's important in life.'