More About Buttercup Magic: A Mystery for Megan

Who is it for?

'Buttercup Magic: A Mystery for Megan' is aimed at 6-9 years and will hopefully be the first of a series of Buttercup Magic books.

What is it about?

When nine year old Megan moves, with her parents, to Buttercup House, she's not quite sure what to expect. She's rather missing her friends Emily and Beth, but she falls in love with her beautiful attic bedroom, painted yellow (her favourite colour), and the wonderful old treehouse in the garden. Before long, Megan meets the little girl, Freya, who lives next door, and discovers that Buttercup House is no ordinary house. Soon, Megan begins to meet the magical animals who live there. Some very clever mice, all called Whiskers, Dorothy the cat, and a beautiful golden dog called Buttercup. She and Freya begin to unravel some of the mysteries, with the help of Freya's granny and an old book, 'The Book of Strange Tales', which they discover on a school trip to the library. This is a story about friendship and magic.

Other important stuff

'Buttercup Magic: A Mystery for Megan', was published by Piccadilly Press in April 2012. It is also available as an e-book for Kindle


Review from Vivienne Dacosta
'What a delightful and charming little book! I was so taken with this tale full of gorgeous magical creatures I desperately wanted to hug that I finished it in one sitting. It really brought back the magic that childhood should be full of, with the air of Enid Blyton surrounding it, I felt it really captured the excitement and mystery of the unexplained that fascinated me a as a child...A magical little tale, that I hope will be the first of many in the Buttercup Magic series'. (see full review here)

Review from Beth Kemp
'My 8yr old read this in bed before I could get my hands on it. Her excited babbling about it in the mornings was a joy to hear. She reads nightly in bed, but we don't always get such a reaction. I hope this special little book gets the recognition it deserves... The story is sweet and charming, whilst avoiding sentimentality. It will undoubtedly appeal to girls - magic and animals, what's not to love? - but it doesn't succumb to the cloying girliness sometimes thrown at this age group. Abi Burlingham respects her young readers and doesn't insult their intelligence. It was reminiscent of my own childhood reading: plenty of Enid Blyton, sprinkled with a little fairy tale magic'. (see full review here)

Review from Jayne Howarth - for the Birmingham Post
'Burlingham - author of the lovely Ruby and Grub picture books - has created a very sweet and gentle book that is squarely aimed at girls of around 6-9 years. Readers will identify with the main characters - they are ordinary little girls, just like them - and while the story might be light on action, it deals with the central theme of these animal protectors in a way that young readers will find very appealing. Readers will also recognise that it is a story about friendship. It is quite magical and utterly charming and I'll sure little girls will love it.' (see full review here)

Review from Ed the Owl
'When Megan moves to Buttercup House she has no idea of the wonderful things she is going to discover there. She is delighted to find a treehouse in the garden and a new friend next door. She also meets some very special mice, a cat and a dog who seem to have been there as long as the house and who can only be seen by the children. But what is the story behind them? This is a super story for newly confident readers or for reading together. The imaginative idea of animals protecting children will appeal to boys and girls alike' (see full review and click play arrow for reading of first chapter here)

Buttercup Magic Launch

'Buttercup Magic: A Mystery for Megan' was launched at Clay Cross Library in Derbyshire on 26th April 2012. Here are a few pics from the day.